The Current Leading Model in Ice Machines

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This company continues to deliver superior performance and greater reliability with the introduction of the new KMEdge Evaporator models. These units produce the same amount of ice in about half the amount of cycles, making them one of the ice machines you should research when your thinking about making a purchase.

Developing best ice

The world’s leading brand in ice machines has the reputation for developing the world’s best ice. Hoshizaki’s knowledge also includes freezers, refrigerators and cabinets for sushi. Their professional food service units are mainly the number one choice for food display and freshness. This reliability makes certain that customers can depend on these products every day, and the engineering, manufacture quality control and quality of components internally are what make these ice machines the standard for this industry.

Design and development

The company developed as well as designed the 1stcompletely automatic ice machine and from that beginning, they have an ice maker and refrigeration product in the sectors of beverage, food, bars and restaurants, bio-science, education and healthcare.


The company is also known for:

  • Developing energy and water efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly ice makers
  • Value for end-users
  • Cost savings
  • Sustainability

It’s innovated in the sections that they operate in, for example:

  • Hospitality end-users
  • Various types of ice from ball ice to flaked
  • Efficient in temperatures between 40-degree C and 10-degree C
  • Works in humid environments

Evaporator structures

Due to the stronger evaporator structure, the KM Edge unit’s increase energy savings by 25 percent and increase ice production up to 30 percent. The open stainless-steel surface stays clean and is easy to service.


It makes harder and clearer ice cubes, less unwanted impurities and minerals and higher ice production in fewer cycles. This new model superior longevity and reliability means that less service and maintenance are needed, and customers will have a great, longer lasting ability to make clear ice.