Most Popular Mouth Watering Desserts From Around The World

From the hustling and bustling street of Delhi and Bangkok to ultra cool cafes in Reykjavik, there’s one that definitely unites almost every nook and cranny of the globe is nothing but the lips-smacking desserts. Whether they are in the form of fruity pies, flaky and tender pastries or cream soups, we dessert lovers just can’t seem to go enough of the sweet stuffs. Now, this article tells you about the 12 most popular desserts that are guaranteed to make leave you in a salivating state.

Alfajores: Argentina

These South American cookie sandwiches can easily put Oreo to the shadow of shame. These savory Alfajores feature duice de leche sandwiched between two biscuit styled cookies. Most of the cafes and restaurants in Buenos Aires put their unique twist by using fresh fruit fillings or dunking the crunchy cookies in the chocolate.

Rugelach- Jerusalem, Israel:

You will definitely find yourself gobbling up these bite sized pastries every time you see them in the Jerusalem marketplace. It’s a pure heaven treat from the world of desserts. The sweet pastry is nicely rolled with the fruit filling, chocolates or nuts and then this particular dessert is topped with an egg white glaze and sprinkled with the cinnamon sugar.

Tong Shui-Hong Kong, China

It’s an authentic Cantonese dessert delicacy. These custards and dessert soups vary in flavors and consistency. Ranging from Tofu pudding to almond, walnut or crowd pleasing sweet black sesame soup, you can find a wide varieties of Tong Shui desserts in Hong Kong.

Basbousa: Cairo, Egypt

This particular Egyptian dessert can give a totally different experience that you would forget all the desserts that you have ever eaten on those swanky restaurants. It’s a semi-sweet and moist semolina cake finely smothered with melting whipped cream, berries and lime curd.

Black Forest Cake- Black Forest, Germany

The classic Black Forest cake or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is a pure German delicacy which comes with the 4 layers of pure temptation. It’s made with the magical combination of Vanilla and Chocolate. This particular cake can be an excellent treat for any kind of occasions. The best news for you is that now you can relish an authentic Black Forest cake in India and that too in Gurgaon. To order Black Forest cake, you can easily opt for online cake delivery in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and many other cities in India.

Pavlova: Sidney, Australia

If your dessert oriented mind craves for fruits over pastries, you will definitely fall in love with this popular staple dessert of Australia or New Zealand. It’s a superb combination of a crispy meringue crust nicely topped with the layer of fluffy whipped cream and farm fresh fruits.

Beignets – New Orleans, United States

This ever popular New Orleans based dessert is a deep fried square pastry topped with the finely powdered sugar. It’s an ideal example of a dessert which is not complicated but still it tastes so yummy.

The world is desserts and it’s not possible to try each of them in one life time but you can seriously try these chart dominating desserts from the different parts of the world.