It is always a good experience to try different cuisines. This not only gives your palate new and exciting tastes but also gives you an idea about the culture of the place and where the dish comes from. However, it is important to try authentic food in order to make sure that you get a taste of the real thing. For Thai food Kenmore, you can spot these qualities that speak a genuine Thai dish:

Fresh Ingredients

Every authentic cuisine prides itself on using fresh ingredients. Genuine food is prepared in the same manner as homecooked meals and home cooks usually use freshly-sourced vegetables and meat. The same is true with dishes from ThailandFrom herbs to poultry products, you can expect fresh ingredients from an authentically prepared dish.

Native Elements

Aside from freshness of ingredients, you can spot a genuine meal if native items are used. For example, curry from Thailand is usually made with coconut milk, unlike other curries. Moreover, authentic dishes usually have native herbs and spices to give them the distinct taste.

Right Flavour

Authentic food is prepared using traditional recipes, usually passed down from generation to generation. These recipes usually include secret ingredients that can enhance the flavours of the dish.

One of the main things that can distinguish genuine food from inauthentic ones is the flavour. Usually, truly traditional ones have richer and fuller flavours that blend well. However, untraditionally-prepared ones have toned-down tastes. An example of this is the level of spiciness. Traditional dishes are usually spicy whilst appropriated ones have lower spiciness levels.

Look for authenticity when trying out new dishes ensures that you get similar experiences a native has. Look for a place that offers authentic Thai ingredients that allow you to cook traditional dishes. Who knows, you might visit Thailand someday. Tasting genuine food gives you the advantage of knowing which ones you like. So if you’re planning a party, just contact the best catering services in Brisbane that can offer you authentic Thai meals.

Author: Carrie Sze