How to Bulk Up For a Bar Mitzvah for your son?

Happy Young Mother Helping Her Daughter While Studying At Home

Are you planning for arranging a Bar Mitzvah for your son who’s turning 15? It’s a Jewish religious celebration where the boys turning 15 are permitted to take part in religious performances. In the presence of the Rabbi and guests, the young man and his grandfather and father have to perform a few rituals. After the religious performances are over, the guests are served with great food and drinks at home or at the banquet hall hired for the Bar Mitzvah.

Here’s some tips are provided to bulk up the Bar Mitzvah

Fix a date

For celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of your son, you have to choose date. Instead of doing it on your own, you must visit the rabbi first and check whether he and his assistant will be able to attend the Bar Mitzvah or not. Next you should check the availability at the synagogue where Jews usually perform such rituals. If they agree with the date, fix it and go forward with it.

Book the synagogue

Visit the nearby synagogue where you want the Bar Mitzvah to take place and check whether they have the date or not. After they agree, you can request to allow you to use the allied hall where the guests can be served with the food and drinks.

Prepare & invite guests

Next, after fixing the date and booking the synagogue, you have to consult with a good invitation company preparing the finest Bar Mitzvah Invitations Houston and other places. Check the notes and pick the color along with the font in which the invitations will be drafted. They can also write the names and address of the receivers in calligraphy. You only have to mail the invitations on time.

Find a good chef & decide the menu

Find a reputed chef or a restaurant reputed for catering for bar mitzvah for quite some time along with other occasions. Prepare a menu after tasting all the food and drinks that you’ll serve at the auspicious occasion. Assimilate the traditional and contemporary platters based on your and the chef’s choice.

Stick to a budget

Finally, before you start arranging for the bar mitzvah for your son, have a budget. You should stick to it to avoid unnecessary expenses that can jeopardize your credit history or indulge you to apply for loans.

So, like this, you can plan and arrange a bar mitzvah for your beloved son.