Food for Thought: How to Prepare for your Catering Tasting

Bachelor and bachelorette parties, dress shopping, and spending all day adding beautiful wedding photos to your bundle are fun. But the enjoyable part of planning a wedding that is often overlooked is the food tasting. What could be better than tasting different kinds of foods and then picking your favorites?

For most couples, tastings are a whole new ballgame, as most likely you’ve never been to one before. And since knowing what to expect, do, and ask at this important meeting is tricky, cheap catering Auckland got your back with this helpful guide. Here is what to expect at your wedding tasting.

Start with your budget

Nearly every aspect of wedding planning starts with a budget. Knowing what you can and can’t afford will save you heartbreak in the long-run. You’ll probably end up falling in love with a ton of tasty options at your tastings, but if you’re on a tight budget, you likely can’t serve your guests everything you enjoyed at the tasting. Plan a solid number in mind and talk to your partner beforehand about how flexible your budget may be.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify what you want

After all, this is your big event! You need to be transparent about what you’re looking for so the sales manager can get a solid idea of what you want. This means that it will also eliminates a lot of work and pointless tasting that don’t fit with your plan. Do your homework as well. Ask your guests if there are allergies or dietary restrictions for your attendees. Find out what’s seasonally available to ensure that the ingredients are the freshest.

Don’t eat too much beforehand

During tasting, they will serve you small portions of different courses. But by the time you try it all, you’ll likely be full already. Take note that you don’t have to finish everything the catering is serving you, that’s why it’s called a “tasting”, not a meal.

What to Look For

  • Presentation – Do you like the dishes displayed artfully on a platter or laid out on modern plates with detailed garnishes? What about the serving size? Take note also that during your catering tasting, only smaller portions are being served, so ask for the actual serving sizes.
  • Food Freshness – Ask also if the fruits and vegetables look freshly picked or if they are wilting a bit. What about the meat? Was it frozen? Taken note also if the food is hot when served.
  • Serving style – When the food is laid out in a buffet, is it properly heated or cooled? If the food is delivered by servers, are they prompt and courteous? Ask the sales manager about the different service styles and what’s available at what price point.
  • Table settings – The caterer may be providing silverware, linens, plates, and dishes for your wedding. During tasting, check if the flatware is clean and polished. Ask and choose on options of the table setting.