All You Should Know About Ghee Rice and Its Benefits

I am certain that the first question that came to you when reading this is “what is ghee rice”. Ghee rice is the most aromatic as well as delicious cooked rice, which go with chicken or mutton curry. This rice is a wonderful dish to go with almost any type of curry on any festive or even ordinary occasion. It is delicious and very simple rice that is great for picnics and packed lunches. Mainly a side dish with raita, ghee rice is quite an interesting lunch or dinner recipe. It is easy to prepare and is loved by children. You can serve it with Rajma, and even Khadi Pakora. Make this rice for your family or friends and amaze them with your skill.

Grass fed ghee

Good grass-fed side dish for ghee rice can be made almost anywhere but the best ghee comes from the best farms. They produce Ghee that is grass fed in New Zealand since its dairy industry isconsidered one of the best in the world, boasting revenue of $14 billion a year. It is an industry built on only one word: quality.


This word “ghee” is English, although Ghee is not an English word. Ghee as a word comes from Sanskrit. Ghee usually is used in Asian countries but due to the ghee rice benefits, western countries have begun to use it. So, what does ghee means in English, it is the name that means “clarified butter.”


It is with some certainly that due to the nutrition in ghee it will be one of the most popular heath foods of 2019. It is also good to know that ghee recipe is not new; rather, it dates back many centuries in India. Using ghee both as Ayurvedic medicine and for cooking in India is an old tradition.  


Western countries that have always used butter – should they swap butter for ghee? To find out more about this subject go to their website.