5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Catering Service for an Event

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If you happen to plan an event for a client or for your own family, then one of the main concerns is to serve the guests with good food. But, often you might end up committing certain mistakes while hiring a caterer due to which the guests may leave the premises unsatisfied. One of the major reasons for their dissatisfaction is the provision of the food itself. To avoid any further mistakes, Restaurant Sinclair presents five things you must avoid while choosing a catering service for an event.

Not Cross-Checking Their Food Quality

It is a serious folly if you happen to select a catering service for your event without testing the quality of the food. You never know whether the dishes you order from the catering service would be as per your requirements or not. Hence, whatever you order, taste before finalizing the order.

Considering Price as the Only Selection Criterion

An event would never be successful without good food. If you happen to choose a catering service just because they charge less when compared to others, then check twice before confirming their services. You must know whether their way of cooking is hygienic or not. If not, you might come across guests who might complain of food poisoning and you will be in a fix eventually.

Choosing a Caterer Who Caters to Only a Specific Type of Food

If you happen to throw a party, you must be aware of the fact that since different types of guests are invited, they might have different taste. Always go with a caterer who can provide a variety of dishes, which caters to a majority of the crowd invited by you. If your guests leave the party without grabbing a bite, you might not feel good about it.

Choosing a Caterer Who Doesn’t Own Serving Utensils and Crockery

It would be pathetic when you realize that although the party or the event you conducted was top class, the serving plates were either very basic ones or paper plates. No one would want to suffer embarrassment because of such a small issue. Look out for a caterer who can provide good dishware for lunch or dinner. Ensure that the chosen caterer supplies with all the needed crockery, including plates, spoons, forks etc.

Not Checking the Reviews of Previous Customers

With access to the internet at your fingertips, it would be a grave mistake if you happen to hire a caterer without checking reviews of their previous customers. If you know any of the shortlisted caterer’s clients personally, you can even get a verbal feedback from them. While getting feedback, you can also check about the experience of the chefs and serving staff as their experience would go a long way in satisfying your guests.

These are the few mistakes that you must avoid while choosing a catering service for an event or function. Also, try and avoid hiring caterers who do not have an appropriate license to deliver catering services to clients.