2 Most Popular Vegetarian Pizzas Loaded With Cheese That You Must Eat Before You Die

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Did you know that pizzas date back to the ancient Roman culture and they started gaining popularity due to their exquisite taste only after world war 2? Considered an Italian Delicacy, pizzas are of different types. And the most primitive classification is Vegetarian pizzas and Non-vegetarian pizzas. And no matter what you believe, vegetarian pizzas are equally as healthy, popular, and tasty as the non-veg pizzas are. In fact, they offer an eye-popping variety of options to choose between fresh vegetables and different sausages. So, if you’re a vegetarian and a pizza lover, you have landed at the correct page.

2 All-Time Favorite Veg Pizzas That You Must Try

The following 2 vegetarian pizzas are absolutely worth a try. You’ll surely relish their flavor even if you are an ardent non-vegetarian.

  1. Mediterranean Pizza

A vegetarian and yet not tried the Mediterranean pizza? You’ve surely been missing out on the taste of fresh farmhouse veggies. This pizza at the DoublePizza restaurant, starting at just 12.49$, is cooked with Italian cheese, Parmesan and Greek cheese, Feta to treat your taste buds. The flatbread is first plastered with tangy tomato sauce and then cooked with cheese, infused with fresh kalamata olives and green olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes.   

  1. All Vegetarian Pizza

This pizza is a garden of fresh vegetables including mushrooms, green olives, kalamata olives, and green pepper. Besides, the pizza base draws its taste from fresh tomato sauce splashed across the entire flatbread. Starting at just 10.99$, you can customize it further by choosing Parmesan cheese and/or Feta cheese.

How To Choose A Pizza House In Montreal?

There are many pizza houses in Montreal, but nothing comes close to the quality served at Double Pizza Restaurant. Wondering how and why? Just move down the page and read through the guide to get your answers.

  • They cook their pizzas in healthy oils like olive oil
  • They use fresh vegetables that are first washed and cleaned
  • The meat is of fine quality and they buy their stock fresh
  • They offer different specialty meals that save a lot of money
  • They offer a dine-in option as well as home delivery services
  • They use homemade recipes so that the pizzas cooked are nutritious
  • They hire professional chefs to replicate the taste of the native lands in the pizzas you order
  • They price their items with sanity and offer attractive discounts too
  • It’s easy to place an order by simply downloading their app that is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices